Marchman Consulting assists local governments with alcohol risk management (ARM) ordinance compliance with training and implementation of initiatives such as Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service (RASS).


ARM/RASS focuses on reducing underage drinking and over consumption of patrons through mandated training for servers, bartenders, managers and clerks of establishments that sell alcohol prior to receiving serving/alcohol permits.  The training, which is always tailored to local ordinances and conducted on-site, easily separates itself from other generic programs offered online.


For the participants, benefits will include: a reduction of Vicarious Liability; an understanding of behavioral traits to be documented for insurance claims and potential litigation; a reduction of Third Party Liability; and, meets the owners’ desire for additional insulation due to the training.


For local government, benefits include: a proven program that has increased a community’s compliance rate from 72% to an average of 97% for the last 3 years; reduced the incident rate requiring police response to bars by 68%…saving of time and tax dollars for law enforcement; established true community policing between officers and establishments; and, reduced the number of DUIs and alcohol related accidents/vehicular homicides.